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xxx-520x444Murat Khatukaev – Managing director

Murat recognized as one of the first specialists in solar and wind energy field, as well as in the construction of passive solar houses.

In 1982, near the ski resort “Dombay” in the Caucasus, he has built and tested the first Russian pilot house with a passive system of solar heating in estimated winter temperature of minus 22 0 C. Murat Khatukaev has six scientific publications, among which there are works on environmental aspects of the use of solar and wind energy. He also has a number of patents.

To know more about Murat Khatukaev please visit his page.

zhanna11-500x427Janna Kasymova – Director of training and conferences department

Janna provides Eco Fortis with administration, project management and market research services. With over 7 years experience of working in consultancy, trading and project management in Energy, Oil and Gas sector as a head of training and conferences department. She organised training courses and conferences for specialists working in Power, Coal, Oil and Gas sectors, such as Russo-Sino-Kazakh Oil Trading Forum, Baltic Oil Trading conference, Eurasian Energy Summit. “I enjoy working for Eco Fortis as I believe that by saving energy we could improve the environment.”Janna graduated from the Humanitarian University with International Relations degree, she speaks Russian, Chinese Mandarin, Turkish and English. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, reading, and sewing.

yury1Yury Khreptovich – Director of Solar PV Systems Department

Yury joined Eco Fortis as electrical engineer and Solar PV installer and designer, then became a Director of Solar PV Systems Department. He has over ten years electrical engineering experience, fully qualified 17th edition (7671), Part P Electrical Safety registered, BPEC Solar PV design and installation. Having acquired some invaluable experience whilst working with a variety of solar projects in the UK,  Yury has been able to bring a thorough understanding of dealing with projects at all levels to his role. “It has been fantastic to get the chance to join Eco Fortis, company with goal of improving the ecology”. Outside work he enjoys travel, photography and sports. Languages: English, Russian.

Таранцов СтаниславStanislav Tarantsov – Engineer of the group of technical solutions

He works on research of new projects, projects. Information systems, and develops intelligent drives. Stanislav also provides development support for the “Clean Energy” project. Prior to joining ECO FORTIS LTD, Stanislav had worked in Russia as an engineer on construction of infrastructure solutions. He studied renewable energy and wind integration. Stanislav has a BA of Information Systems data centre.

никитин-андрейAndrei Nikitin – Engineer

Speciality: Mechanisms and metalworking. Technical support for projects. He has patented developments in mechanics and furniture industry. Experience: Restoring pipelines. Manufacture and repair of oilfield equipment. Design and installation of local area networks and video surveillance. Control of solar panels installation and power systems.


Зарецкий Александр.Alexander Zaretskiy – Engineer

Development of CCTV systems projects, telecommunication networks, assessment of projects and budgets; implementation of construction works, author and technical supervision, preparation of operational documents, drawings for production (manufacturing); operation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of local computer networks.

blank-personMikhail Grenkin – Engineer

Speciality: Robots and comprehensive automationof production. Head of IT-department. Mikhaildesigns and builds infrastructure solutions for businesses and offices. He is certified specialist: Microsoft, McAfee, and HP networking technologies Cisco. He has patented developments of intelligent drives for hoists.