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IT Infrastructure Business

Does the IT infrastructure your business effectively? Whether everything is set up? Is it possible to save it  optimizing costs? What is IT infrastructure? IT infrastructure is a mix of computers, printers, cables and other equipment that you have in your company.
Local Area Network
Local area network, as the veins in the body, connects computers and gives and opportunity to exchange information between them. In the 21st century need to communicate effectively both within the enterprise and beyond. With the growth of your business grows and network between your computers. If small-scale enterprises up to 10 PCs, the error in the construction of almost no LAN and they are not critical, at the level of 50-100 PCs design errors already can create quite visible problems:
• a slow data transmission;
• the complexity, and hence the high cost, maintenance;
• lack of network expansion;
and most importantly – no documentation on the network. If your business starts to depend on the people who serve your network and their caregivers can turn collapse.
What we do: We design, build and test the already constructed network errors functioning, do documentation on existing and implemented network. We give 25 year warranty on our network.
Computers and Servers
In your company have personal computers or PCs. Your employees keep working on their PC. All well and good, as long as these PCs are working, but if it broke? At best, the problem will be solved without loss of data and your business will lose only time to repair and restore the PC, and if it is the reporting period in the accounting department? Solution for such cases is the server – a special computer that will deal exclusively with the service your needs for storage and exchange of information. Server in the structure have duplicate life-support systems, thereby ensuring a higher level of access and protection.
Server group forms the heart and brain of your IT infrastructure to which the veins are connected all personal computers in the enterprise.
Server, you can:
• distinguish between access to information stored within your organization
• centrally manage all the settings for your employees, and, therefore, save on maintenance
• restrict access to the PC during off-hours
• to audit attempts to access the information for the identification of persons involved in sabotage and / or industrial espionage
• restore the information, even if it is specifically removed attackers
• Increase the speed of some programs
• restrict access to the Internet
What we do:
• We conduct an audit of your company,
• choose, together with you what services are needed for your business
• work with you to develop a solution
• implement an agreed solution
• Create documentation and train your staff
• provide technical support.
You could write a lot more text what are the server and what we can do, but we appreciate your time and therefore only a small list of what we can do in the IT infrastructure:
• Virtualization
• System Authorization
• E-mail systems
• Storage
• Database systems
• Systems Applications
• Telephone System
• Systems of video communication
• Monitoring systems for managing computers and servers
• Print Control Systems
• Access control systems to the Internet
• System to prevent data theft
We are happy to tell, and even show these systems in action.


Security is a set of measures that reduce the risks of loss and damage to property, as well as penetration into the territory of a third party.
In our understanding of the physical security of the enterprise based on two directions:
• Control systems and access control systems (ACS)
• Video Surveillance
System monitoring and access control
System monitoring and access control system (ACS) allow you to organize personalized access control within the protected area of your company, as well as control inside.
At the entrance to your business or office is traditionally installed turnstiles, for example:
turnstiles for business centres.



Or performance when communicating on the street.
Inside the building, all the doors of the rooms can also be equipped with an access control system. Thus, protection or security service can solve a number of problems:
• Handing over the keys of the premises becomes meaningless, without the permission of the system will not be able to get a room, even having the key of the lock
• Security service in the on-line, without patrol sees public rooms there are still people.
• Security service sees people trying to enter the premises, access to which they closed
• The system ensures that it was impossible to enter or leave one decal twice (protection against transmission bandwidth)
• The system creates a list of the presence of staff, committed late, early departures, long lunches, allows you to create automatically timesheet.
But not only can protect the building, the entrance to the parking lot of your company can be automated. Access to the parking lot can be provided on the following criteria:
• State the number of vehicle
• Proximity sensor in the front of the machine
• Map of the driver
With the introduction of the system solved the problem of accounting and control of entry and exit of vehicles on the premises.

System of access control for schools.
It is no secret that the level of security in big cities falls, and often suffer from children. Parents of students are forced to make and supervise children when they ran out of class when they left school.
School security system solves a number of problems:
• Denies access to the school grounds by unauthorized persons, while the territory of the school is not only a building, but also the surrounding area
• Inform parents about to enter the territory of the school and exit from the school children by means of SMS notifications to mobile phones parents.
• Provides automated data collection on school attendance and generates a report with the possibility of mailing tool e-mail or print it.



Possibility of installation of electronic globe and turnstiles in educational institutions confirmed by the conclusion of the Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia.

Office and Business.
An equally important component of the physical security of the enterprise is the video surveillance system.
Video surveillance systems allow you to organize effective monitoring of controlled territory, work in any weather, see in the dark and do not sleep at night. In addition to regular monitoring of the territory, the systems have a number of analytical functions:



• Raising the alarm mode to alert security guards at the time of crossing a certain area or object boundaries
• Detection of abandoned objects
• Recognition of objects (car, person)
• Face detection in a stream
• Definition of the object moving against the main flow of people
• Recognition of the state rooms for admission to the protected area

We have listed the basic functions of video surveillance systems, but there are specialized functions.

For the city.
Video surveillance systems for the cities differ from surveillance systems of enterprises, especially its scale and some specific properties.
Surveillance System for the city have the following features:
• Video cameras attached to the map of the city, to facilitate determining the location of a camera
• Video cameras and software define the beginning crowded and, if necessary, indicate this.
Surveillance city-wide good practice is to construct a situation centre (Centre monitoring and management).



Software package for monitoring and management of the Centre consists of several subsystems, providing functions:
• Clusters of object-navigation (Interactive Map)
• Surveillance and Video Management
• Office video wall
• radiation, chemical and biological control
• Office of the annunciation
• Incident Management (Card Accident)

Video surveillance on the roads
Video surveillance on the road allows you to automate monitoring of compliance with traffic rules, commit the following offences and automatically create the decision of an administrative offence (when connected to a server-side TSAFAP STSI):




• Exceeding the speed limit
• How to get to the red light
• Do not provide the benefits of moving pedestrians


Thank you for your time, we are pleased to be able to tell you more about the technologies and features that we use and implement in our projects.
Sincerely, the Eco Fortis!