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Murat’s Passive Solar House

Murat’s Passive Solar House

Murat Khatukaev records temperature in the house with self-writer.

Copy of article from magazine: ”Youth Techniques” 1993-10, page 5

Solar house stands in meadow near the famous resort town Teberda (in Karachay-Cherkessia).It was built by its owner: Murat Khatukaev, the scientist by profession and a craftsman by vocation, saves on fuel and electricity.

Premises are heated by a “warm wall” and illuminated by mirrors system. The system is not too difficult: the light coming through the end wall, is reflected from the mirror placed under an angle of 45 °, and falls down from the ceiling.

With regard to the heating system, it- in today’s terms – is the intellectual property of Murat. Silently, he grins, but nobody succeeded yet to unravel the secret. Some “merchants” came from the neighbouring region (after a short message in the local press), they studied construction (just without breaking the walls), did not understand anything and offered him to sell the “know-how”. Khatukaev refused … he is thinking about creating a corporate enterprise. He would gladly sell the ready houses at a reasonable price to those wishing to save on fuel.

By the way, even in the most severe frosts the room temperature does not drop below 12°C. Well, for house without a stove is not bad!

on the picture: Murat Khatukaev records temperature in the house with self-writer.