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Our company Eco Fortis Ltd and its subsidiary in Russia  specializes in the implementation of advanced technologies in the field of protection from corrosion of pipelines and trenchless technology for reconstruction and installation of piping systems in oil and gas industry and utilities, we provide design, project management and engineering support, as well as leading contracting services in Russia and in the CIS countries.

Our methods:

Method of tight fitting of plastic sleeves – is a cost-effective and efficient technology in renewal of pipeline for various purposes (water, gas and oil pipelines, technological pipelines). The process allows fast installation of dense polyethylene pipe inside the restored pipeline without a significant reduction in the diameter of the primary tubes. Most economical way of restauration of pipelines is the method of tight fitting of plastic sleeve.

The advantage of this method is its flexibility and variety- it can be used for virtually any diameter at lengths of a few hundred meters – a peak lengths of one and a half kilometres.

During tight fitting of plastic sleeves used polyethylene tube with an outer diameter greater than the diameter of the primary pipe and a smaller thickness. In installation process the polyethylene pipe is pulled through the plant downsizing rollers (Rolldown) which allows temporarily reduce the outer diameter. Reducing the diameter makes it easy to drag a plastic tube through the primary tube with a hydraulic winch and large diameters with pushing device. After some time the polyethylene pipe which possess expandable memory fits snugly inside diameter of the metal tube.

Polyethylene with high density and different specifications can be used as sanitation pipe.

Our experienced technicians will help you determine the parameters and select material for ducts and fittings to solve specific problems for sanitation.

Standard polyethylene tubes are not suitable for this technology, and only polyethylene with specified properties can be used.

Disadvantages of the method is that it is mainly used on the straight areas and areas with low curvature and the need of careful preparation before the works and high technological discipline of work performance, despite the apparent simplicity of technology.

Calculation of thickness of sanation sleeve is carried out on the basis of the operator tasks.

Options of technical wringing out of pipelines:

There are two technical options of crimping sleeves:

  • Swagelining Method – reduction in diameter with compression ring
  • Rolldown Method – crimping by rollers

    Specifications, advantages and disadvantages of each method:

 Swagelining method is based pipeline1on the use of the ferrule. For diameters exceeding 200 mm in the starting pit we also use hydraulic pusher.

The advantage of the Swaggelining Method in its simplicity of the design and its smaller weight when working with large diameters.

Disadvantages: Slower speeds of dragging and the need for a more powerful winch.


















Rolldown method. Using rotating rollers for crimping speeds the process and reduces the need in power level of the winch.



The range of diameters from 63 mm to 800 mm.

Advantages of the method are proven by fact that about 70% of all new and used field pipelines in North America were lined by using it. In large scale method is used in communal services in countries of Europe and America.

Disadvantages of the method: the need of crimper`s precision manufacturing and large weight and device dimensions when working on large diameters. But this is contractor`s problems to solve.Another disadvantage of the method is that the owners of the patent, including the Russian – British company “Advantica Technologies” – propose a method based on the license royalties per meter of the lined pipe, license do not include continuous engineering support, but only the initial training. Engineering support is provided additionally. Although for the method of tight fit calculation and observation of geometric, plastic and dynamic parameters is a key element of success. Therefore, the idea of ​​reporting on royalties is not that attractive for customers and contractors.

Performance time from design to commissioning is about 2 – 3 months. Preliminarily diagnostic service produces diagnosis of the pipeline, which service life has expired or is expiring soon. On the basis of diagnosis, we perform pipelines rehabilitation technology design; prepare the draft of work production and detailed schedule of works. Then on the site we make pipeline repairs and cleaning.

Rehabilitation process itself takes one day for each section from 50 to 1000 meters.

We are pioneers in the fields of adaptation of this technology in the cold climatic conditions of Siberia and the implementation of Rolldown method in Russia on BP sites. We carried out design, engineering support and pilot project`s contractor work performance for lining field pipelines in OJSC ” BP- TNK” in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District in 2006-2013 years.

Rehabilitation objects are located in Western Siberia, Russia. The terrain is flat with the hills and swamps, typical in northern tundra. Marshy soil conditions makes it difficult to perform work in summer, so it is easier and cheaper to carry out rehabilitation work in the frozen ground conditions.

If you interested in the technologies described above do not hesitate to contact Eco Fortis. We will be happy to answer any questions.


Preparing of sanation liner and sanitation


Parts of pipelines with diameters from 159 to 426 mm. Some areas with high curvature


In 2009 and 2013 we carried out refurbishment of gas and oil pipelines for “Orenburgneft.”


In 2010 we have made sanation of water pipeline (Diameter 426 mm) for “Samotlorneftegas”

Schematics of water pipeline DNS17 – KNS17


This pipeline was withdrawn from service 10 years ago and at first glance could not be sanitized (see photo)

Ice in the pipe


Welding joints broke!


Another surprise


We have produced a plastic liner in the freezing weather and have made a throw stocking in length of 420 meters and diameter 415 mm on impassable place




Then sanitation



And connection of joints




In 2011, we completed two horizontal sanations of oil collectors (D 219 mm) for JSC “TNK-BP-Nizhnevartovsk” and in 2012 – 2013 years on the horizontal oil collectors objects of “Orenburgneft.”



Lifetime of recovered pipelines up to 50 years. With our participation in Russia was developed and approved sanitary and building regulations and certifications. In JSC ” BP-TNK”  operates Instructions “Design, manufacturing operations, maintenance and repair of field pipelines, sanitized by pulling a plastic liner with a tight fit,” approved by RTN. If you are interested in this technology please contact us.


We are pioneers in the fields of adaptation of this technology in the cold climatic conditions of Siberia and the implementation of Rolldown method in Russia on BP sites. We carried out design, engineering support and pilot project`s contractor work performance for lining field pipelines in OJSC ” BP- TNK” in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District in 2006-2013 years.