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Domestic Solar PV

Solar PV system installation is not a simple process; it should be carried out only by a trained expert. It may take one to three days to set it up for an average home. But this depends on the size of the property and solar PV product that is to be installed.

First Eco Fortis will determine what solar panels will work for you and what framing system will be suitable for mounting the solar panels on a particular type of roof.

Then the panels are added to the bracket and frame and connected with series of wires. Later, our qualified electrician works with the solar panel installers. He needs to make sure that you can get all the energy from the sun’s rays, as solar panel cables will be connected to the inverter which will convert direct current into alternated current and send it to the distribution board. Then, the whole process is tested and commissioned by our part P qualified electrician. 

As final stage you will get all needed documentation and paperwork for benefiting from Feed-in-Tariff.




Solar Energy Generation

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